The Micro-Inverter is simply a miniaturized solar inverter, sized to fit solar panels individually instead of a series of solar panels.

They do the same function as the traditional solar inverter: Transform the electrical energy produced by solar panels from DC to AC and synchronize the photovoltaic system with your home or business in a safe and secure way. trustworthy.

Technical Descriptions NEP Inverter
– Low cost micro inverter $ / watt
– Continuous output power up to 550Wac, recommended for
– Dual solar panel max 360W
– High efficiency with 95.5% CPB
– Certificate globally for UL1741, SAA, TUV, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE
0126, G83 / 2, IEC 021, IEC61727, EN50438
Built-in cast earth for easy installation
– Enclosure Classification NEMA-6 / IP-66 / IP-67
– Integrated monitoring and power line communication with BDG256
– Can connect with BDM-300 and BDM-250

Descriptions Photovoltaic Module S250P
– Connection to the network.
– Telecommunications.
– Water pumping.
– Lighting systems.
– Rated power 250W.
Number of Cells: 60.