Isolated Systems

The isolated system aims to generate energy by capturing the energy of the sun, storing it in a bank of stationary batteries, allowing remote locations and difficult access to electric energy, to obtain its own generation of the same, being self-sustaining and minimizing the dependence of fuel motors.
Ideally install the solar panels facing north using the best slope for each geographic region and that way providing the best use of the system for all the day.

How our system works?

The system is dimensioned from the consumers that will be used in the place of installation, this way the consumption, time of use and quantity of the equipment are lined so that the system feeds them properly during the day and night.
For autonomy, we use a bank of batteries next to a charge controller whose function is to extend the useful life of the batteries and to control the energy captured by the modules, sending them to consumers and then charging the battery bank. The inverter has the function of transforming the received energy into Continuous Current (DC) by feeding the consumers into Alternating Current (AC).

How to make the equipment maintenance?

Usually the rain cleans the plates, keeping them clean, but the proper procedure is to observe if any object or plant is causing shadows and if there is dirt accumulated in the plates, which disrupts the efficiency of the system, therefore cleaning the same of from time to time is ideal, ensuring its good performance.
As for the inverter, the charge controller and the battery bank, it is necessary to install them in a very well-ventilated place, without humidity, protected from bad weather, guaranteeing a long useful life to the equipment and greater yield, having no additional cost for its maintenance.

How the installation is performed?

The modules are connected according to their working voltage (12 /24 / 48V DC systems).

Maximum care is required when connecting to the battery bank generally because of its large current capacity.

After making the connections, from the cables to the inverter that will convert the direct current (DC) to AC, all the energy generated by the solar modules, will come to the charge of the batteries and / or use of the consumers destined to the system.

The battery bank must have its connection according to the voltage of the system used and its sizing is who will define its autonomy.

What happens when there’s no sunlight?

The system does not stop working.

For security measures, we dimension the storage of energy taking care of the need of each project, guaranteeing the operation of the system even when the weather is not sunny or in better condition.

Why I cannot use the high-consume equipment?

The use of high energy consumption equipment or appliances is not recommended due to the large work peaks they require.

In this way, the inverters besides burning, the system happens to have much larger proportions than expected and yet it runs the risk of not being effective.

The low-consumption equipment is recommended and allows the system to be dimensioned without causing major damages and therefore, they are used in most of the projects.

Quality of the Equipment

It does not pollute the environment and offers solutions for water pumping, electrification of fences, poles of light, among other consumers.

It allows the remote and hard-to-reach places of electricity that have their own generation.
The photovoltaic panels are powerful and effective, with a useful life of more than 20 years, guaranteeing an excellent investment.
Energy besides being clean and renewable, contributes to a better life.
The supply of energy is constant and uninterrupted.

Vantagens do Sistema Isolado
  • Não polui o meio ambiente e oferece soluções para bombeamento de água, eletrificação de cercas, de postes de luz, dentre outros consumidores.
  • Possibilita aos locais remotos e de difícil acesso a energia elétrica que tenham a própria geração.
  • Os painéis fotovoltaicos são potentes e eficazes, com vida útil de mais de vinte anos, garantindo um excelente investimento.
  • A energia além de ser limpa e renovável, contribui para uma vida melhor.
  • O fornecimento da energia é constante e ininterrupta.


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